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So much for a no spend day

February 25th, 2020 at 03:21 pm

When we purchased our last vehicle three years ago, we bought a package that provided so many oil changes, so many detail jobs, free tire rotation, and points to save up to get cash, plus the privilege of a loaner if we needed it. A few months ago I had an issue and was pretty upset and the guy at the service department said since I didn't want the loaner, they would bring me the car when it was done. It's a nice service and we paid for it upfront and have gotten what we feel is our money's worth.

Well, today we were supposed to take my husband's vehicle to the place for a detail. No money out of pocket since it was part of the package. Except, when we got there, they were looking over the vehicle and pointed out that we had a nail in our tire so close to the sidewall that it could not be repaired. It has to be fixed, of course. I'm not doubting that. But so much for a no spend day.

In Illinois we pay extra gas tax and it is supposed to be used for fixing our roads and maintenance as well. Well, I'm not seeing a lot of fixing or maintaining and there's always a lot of junk on the roads. It's one thing to pay an extra tax for something and get something back, but I don't feel like we are getting our money's worth. Grrr

3 Responses to “So much for a no spend day”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    They must be doing all the fixing up here, Rob! Construction everywhere I look! I guess I should stop feeling annoyed.

  2. Joy Thurlow Says:

    So frustrating when you end up paying good money for something that's not your fault!

  3. Joanne Says:

    Sorry about your tire.Where we live, people have been upset with the roads too. Also, giant potholes . And, of course traffic. This is Boston. And, people say we are crazy drivers, which is probably true. It is frustrating when you didn't have anything to do with the damaged tire.

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