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Happy Easter and Are You Planning a Garden?

April 12th, 2020 at 10:35 pm

Happy Easter!

We watched our church's Facebook streaming service. I will say our Pastor and his helpers have done a good job trying to keep things normal and uplifting.

I haven't really had much to write about. Just the day to day stuff. We've been staying around the house like everyone else. Grumbling about the neighbors who don't follow the shelter in place orders who are running and visiting and doing whatever they darn well please.

Like many, DH has been working a lot in the yard. We bought this house about 22 years ago this month. So, sometime after that he planted what were labeled "dwarf" burning bushes. I tease him it's a good thing he didn't buy full size ones since they are over 7 foot tall. Well, one of his projects has been to trim them down. What a chore. I helped him as much as I could. Due to allergies and the fact I sunburn so easily even with sun screen, I don't usually do much outside. But we got both trimmed and the branches cut up and put in lawn bags. Then we had a wind storm with big branches and DH had to deal with those. I'm sure the lawn waste guy wasn't happy to come by our house. But we are not allowed to burn, so this is the way we have to get rid of these items.

I planted some lettuce in two different pots, two different plantings. Both have come up and if we had decent weather this week, I bet one would be ready to use. But we are supposed to get really cold weather this week with a chance of snow. I covered the pots up this afternoon because there is a chance of storms and then possible freeze.

DH planted onions, radishes, and lettuce almost two weeks ago. His radishes and onions are starting to peep through. Hopefully we won't have extreme temperatures. He's worrying about getting tomato and bell pepper plants the first of May. Hopefully the place where he does will have them and be open.

I read that many folks who haven't planted gardens are thinking about it due to food shortages. I see Miracle Gro has an ad about gardening and suggests planting a "Victory Garden" like people had during World War II. Are you planning to plant a garden this year?

8 Responses to “Happy Easter and Are You Planning a Garden?”

  1. terri77 Says:

    No, I have no green thumb or the patience for gardening, though it sounds like a wonderful idea. I live in a condo & only have 2 patches of yard that is currently filled with rocks.

  2. Wink Says:

    I just have a small balcony at my condo. I've never been much of a gardener, but my dad always planted a big garden when we were growing up. I didn't inherit the green thumb!

  3. Carol Says:

    Also in a condo with limited yard area, but I am planning two pots of cherry tomatoes and a window box pot of green beans.

  4. latestart Says:

    I do not have a green thumb. I think if I tried the deer or rabbits would eat my plants. So I will not try.

  5. mumof2 Says:

    I love growing our own vegies and they seem to really grow well usually...the tomatoes this year didn't do to well but they say we are to close to the water system which has a lot of saying that we bought an elderberry plant as we have never had one and we like to try new things...and it said it would grow to about is like 2.5 metres is huge...didn't expect that gardening is so relaxing and it tastes so much better...good luck

  6. CB in the City Says:

    Many of us are in condos! Me, too. The only thing I could do is put some herbs in pots on the ledge of the landing. I've thought about that, but it probably wouldn't help the food budget any -- it would be more of a hobby.

    I grew up with a gardening mother, and when I was in a house and the kids were small, we had a big garden in the back yard. I did a lot of canning and freezing. But those days are long past!

  7. LifeBalance Says:

    I've got the spacious yard, but no fence in a neighborhood filled with wild bunnies, and a brown thumb too. I do have a dream of learning to grow in my own yard once I retire though.

  8. My English Castle Says:

    We put spinach in last week, Rob. I may cover it if we do get the projected dusting of snow as it has sprouted. I bought carrot seeds in early March and they'll go in later in the season.

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