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Tomatoes and Teeth

August 2nd, 2020 at 09:11 pm

No crystal ball needed here...I can see more tomato canning in my future!

Not that I mind. It sort of gives me a little bit of security knowing I am using some of our garden to provide for us this winter. I also use some of our canning as presents at Christmas. Fortunately I have some friends who like home grown, home canned produce. After awhile, what do you honestly give to people who basically buy what they want? Especially when they offer to buy some of your canned goods from you? I would never accept money, so I often wrap up some for Christmas and they are happy and so am I.

DH has given away tomatoes to 6 different families just this week. He wound up planting more than he usually does. Due to our shelter at home early this spring, he prepared his garden a little earlier and some of his plants were nipped by frost although we covered them. He then bought some others to make sure the original ones were to be replaced, except they did OK once he cut away some of the nipped parts. He planted the new ones too and I guess we are in tomato heaven!

July was a very expensive month for us with DH's tooth problems. Two regular dental appointments to figure out which tooth was the problem and what to do, a root canal, a temporary crown, and soon to be permanent crown. I have already told DH he may be crowned, but I am not practicing my curtsey nor am I referring to him as "his royal highness. " OK, a bit of levity there, sorry! I also had my regular check up as did DH so our young dentist should be getting some extra help with her school loans from us!

I worry as I see our Covid cases starting to rise again in Illinois. We wear masks everywhere. My hands are so dry from washing them so much and using hand sanitizer when we are out. I hope the cases will plateau, but then, they are testing more people, so I'm sure there will be more cases as more are tested. Some friends who were sick in January and February with respiratory things now wonder if they had been some of the first to have had the virus. We can pray that things will soon get better.

8 Responses to “Tomatoes and Teeth”

  1. East Coast Saver (Wink) Says:

    I'm sorry about the dental expenses, but that made me laugh, "his royal highness"!! And if I tried to curtsey these days I might not be able to get back up!

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    Lucky friends! I have one friend who usually gives me a bunch of green tomatoes at the end of the season--yum!

  3. GratefulSaver Says:

    We dabbled with a garden this year too. Just lots of tomato plants, cucumbers, green peppers and green beans. Cucumbers have been successful, I've harvested about 13 cucumbers, the tomato plants are loaded but still green, green beans (nothing yet) and I see some peppers in the horizon.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    I for one would love to be gifted with canned tomatoes!

    I am concerned with the rising numbers. Our positivity rate is rising, so it's not just the number of tests. I talked to my Oregon son last night and his area is back on lockdown.

  5. terri77 Says:

    I find myself eating a lot of tomatoes this summer. Funny, because I always said that fresh tomatoes weren't my favorite. (I always loved them cooked.) Maybe I need to try planting some next year. Do you growthe grape tomatoes?

  6. rob62521 Says:

    Terri77, my husband has grown grape tomatoes, but this year only cherry and regular size ones were available. I think our small town limits what we can get, but we are happy to get fresh ones. My husband has a very small area to grow, so he does some in big pots on the sidewalk in front of our house because that gets the most sun.

  7. LifeBalance Says:

    How nice of you to share your bounty!

  8. Fern Says:

    I've given away lots of my zucchini, to my father, but also to delivery people and random people on our local Buy Nothing group. Everyone has been most appreciative.
    I did actually read this morning that the rate of testing for the nation as a whole has dropped for the first time, for August to date, compared to previous months. I think I read in the range of 750,000 when it needs to be several million a day to be meaningful and actually be a helpful tool in fighting the virus. Dr. Fauci is not pleased.

    From the NYT: "Virus testing in the U.S. has fallen for the first time since the start of the pandemic, a sign the nation’s response has stalled.

    Some 733,000 people have been tested each day this month on average, down from nearly 750,000 in July, according to the COVID Tracking Project. By some estimates, several million people may need to be tested each day to rein in the virus, including many who don’t feel sick. Above, testing in Los Angeles.

    “We’re clearly not doing enough,” a former Food and Drug Administration commissioner said.

    The troubling trend may in part reflect that fewer people are seeking out tests as known cases have leveled off at more than 50,000 per day, as well as a fundamental problem: The nation has yet to build a robust system to test vast portions of the population, not just those seeking tests."

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