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Food, Glorious Food

October 29th, 2020 at 08:22 pm

I notice that many of our blogs are food oriented lately. Maybe it is the cooler weather or perhaps we are all foodies at heart. 

I was going through the freezer and noticed I still had some slices of ham there. I pulled them out to defrost and decided to use them for two different meals. One is for tonight -- quiche. It's dark and damp here today and nothing makes me happier than to have a hot meal from the oven when the weather is like this. Thursdays are usually egg night at our house anyway. I went out and pulled some green onions and chopped them as well as some Sage and Oregano. I added bell pepper and some chopped mushrooms and will add cheese to the eggs when I whip them with Half and Half. DH likes this type of quiche and it should be nutritious and filling.

The rest of the ham is being cooked with beans for ... ta da...ham and beans. OK, not original, but something good. I had some chicken broth in the fridge and thought, I better use it. A number of years ago we went to an Amish fundraiser and the Amish lady made ham and beans and besides chopped onion, she chopped celery. We had never had it with celery and I've made it that way ever since. I figure another vegetable won't hurt. I plan to make skillet cornbread the day we have the ham and beans. A cheap, economical meal and using up something from the freezer.

I notice I have quite a selection of soups in the freezer so we will be partaking of those in the next few days as well. It sure will help save on the grocery bill and using up some of the stuff will also help with the packed freezer. 

Are you having trick or treating on Halloween? So far we are allowed to have it as long as we do not hand out candy up close. Our plan is to put a bowl on a box in the driveway and put candy in it and sit back aways so we can greet the kids and see their costumes. Hopefully no one will empty the bowl for just themselves. If they do, they do. 

Well, nice we can again blog. I feel like I missed out on your lives.

I don't know if it is food, but I'm getting ready to fix a cup of tea. Reusing a tea bag of course. Frugal is as frugal does! Smile

4 Responses to “Food, Glorious Food”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    I said to my husband at lunch, we need to eat up stuff from the freezer. Both the fridge freezer and chest freezer are full, and I'm thinking about upcoming turkey purchases. I located a lonely Italian sausage, a half bag of frozen ravioli and some misc veggies which will magically (like your ham and beans) turn into a pasta bake.

  2. Wink Says:

    I can usually find enough random things to throw together a stir fry. Bits and pieces of veggies, maybe a little pasta and some leftover chicken. Toss in some seasonings and I'm good to go. I've really been diligent about no food waste!

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    Our city is allowing trick or treaters, but we are not handing out this year. With 3 people with autoimmune diseases in this house, we are not taking that risk. The only other two times I haven't given out candy at all was when I was pregnant and DH was in Alaska. Wasn't worth the risk where we lived at the time.

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I'm usually at a church event on Halloween night, so I'm not sure what kind of trick or treaters we normally get. I haven't been to church since late March, so ... guess I'll find out tonight! From Nextdoor posts it doesn't sound like many people will be doing it.

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