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September 21st, 2021 at 06:13 pm

The past couple of weeks I've stayed busy, but nothing really earth shattering. I thought I was finished canning, but did wind up with some more tomatoes. Then a friend gave us some zucchini which I'm working on using. I made some zucchini relish, and am itching to try zucchini marmalade. We purchased a half share of CSA this summer and there were cucumbers in it, so I made some sweet relish too. 

It's hard to believe September is nearly over. DH's 75th birthday is Monday. I plan to bake him a chocolate cake and we hope to go out for supper. I spent some time cross stitching some towels for Christmas baskets as well as crocheting some dish cloths. I plan to make those little baskets up with those and some jams, jellies, and relish. 

There was a spot on the news a couple nights ago saying to do one's Christmas shopping early because they think there might be shortages of stuff.  I hope they aren't just saying that to put people in panic mode again. Other than DH, my shopping is basically finished. He usually tells me some clothes he wants. We give money to those who do things like cut our hair. 

The group at church branched out a little this year and we adopted a group that gives blankets to people who donate organs of loved ones. We made 30 blankets and I mailed them yesterday. We continue to make hats and scarves and dish cloths. 

I guess we are saving money because other than the normal stuff like groceries and medicine, we aren't going shopping. There isn't much of anything I need or want at this point, except for people to stay healthy and the Pandemic to end.  

2 Responses to “Potpourri”

  1. Wink Says:

    Happy Birthday to your DH!I saw the same report about Christmas shopping. My family never seems to know what they want so it's hard for me to get a jump on it. I think this year I might just do food gift bags, with something delicious homemade and add in some chocolates and other goodies.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Happy birthday to DH! I, too, saw that report. It didn't worry me too much, because I shop for my family from their Amazon wish lists, and those lists are good about reporting what's out of stock. I'll probably order at the beginning of December. A lot of people I know are reluctant to Christmas shop from Amazon, but since it's my son's company, I am okay with supporting them. And I know I am getting gifts my family wants.

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