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How can it be November already?

November 12th, 2021 at 09:14 pm

November is flying by! I feel like I'm on a speeding train or something.

We had our Stitches of Love group yesterday at church. We have made 851 hats this year, 37 baby hats, 46 scarves, 30 blankets, and 186 dish cloths. The hats and scarves will be donated to kids' charities. I am working to make 14 more dish cloths so we have 200 for Christmas baskets for one of our food pantries to put in their Christmas baskets. The blankets we sent to a nonprofit called "Blankets from Ben." We made fewer hats and scarves this year due to Covid and the death of one person. Our group is pretty small, so even having over 800 is an accomplishment. 

In other things, I pulled a turkey breast from the freezer yesterday and put it in the fridge. I had bought a couple of them from Aldi and when I went to fix them, they aren't as good as they once were. I wonder if the farm is different where they get them had problems or what, but we didn't like them. I hate to throw them out and honestly, I would be embarrassed to donate them, so I decided I wanted to make some broth. I realized about 5 quarts of rich turkey broth. I plan to make soup tomorrow and wanted some broth and I will freeze the rest and thaw closer to Thanksgiving. As expensive as food is, I just hate to waste it.

Speaking of expensive, our grocery bill seems to be more expensive every week. And it is weird what is missing from the shelves. We are limited as far as grocery stores in my city. We have Aldi and Kroger and Walmart. I don't shop Walmart if I don't have to. Aldi had empty shelves as far as mandarin oranges and applesauce this last week as well as evaporated milk. I didn't want the mandarin oranges or applesauce, I just noticed it when I went to pick up a can of peaches to replace the can I used. Kroger doesn't have cans of red beans. They have kidney beans and Navy beans, but not red beans. They haven't had any beans other than their store brand for years so it sort of limits one if one is shopping for beans. I just thought it was weird what was missing from the shelves. I wondered if it was that way everywhere. Anything in particular not showing up on your grocery shelves?

9 Responses to “How can it be November already?”

  1. LifeBalance Says:

    Yogurt is missing here. It's weird - just empty shelves where yogurt goes. And there are local dairy farms! Though I guess they aren't connected to Yoplait or Dannon. There may be other things as well but that's something that I (used to) buy regularly.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I went to Aldi yesterday, and I bought applesauce! I saw some empty spaces on the shelves, but didn't really notice what was missing. When I went to Sam's I noticed that the strawberry section was filled with grapes.

  3. Lots of ideas Says:

    I too have limited store options but I buy non perishables online, and I buy the same things over and over.

    The CVS near me has a small frozen food section that has never really recovered from March 2020. This week, they had frozen dinners, but no ice cream of any kind.

    There is a very small Target - I call it the world’s saddest Target - and they had no eggs this week. But that happened a couple months ago too.

    We also have a Whole Foods but I use that very sparingly due to price, and a Star - part of Albertsons - that is walkable but just a little further than I really like to go so I have to really want something to go there.

    I am not noticing big price increases but I watch for sales so maybe that’s why.

  4. Wink Says:

    My favorite chocolate popsicles! They show up every so often but it's really hit or miss, mostly a miss. My sister who lives in Texas also hasn't seen any, I'm in Maryland. I definitely notice the price increases, especially for meats. At my local Weis store, they put a purchase limit on canned cranberry sauce, and it was mostly wiped out but this of course is a seasonal thing.

  5. Dido Says:

    Congrats to your Stitches of Love group for all the warm things you have made to donate!

  6. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    My SoL group will be doing dishcloths starting in January. What yarn do you use? Can you suggest a good, simple pattern?

  7. rob62521 Says:

    Frugal Texan, we had some kid person donate dish cloth cotton, but I use any yarn. Are you crocheting or knitting? I crochet and I do double crochet after crocheting a chain of 18, then do three for the first row, and crochet (using regular yarn) and do between ten and twelve rows, then go all the way around and do three double crochets in every other loop for the border. It's big enough to wash, but not so big that you have problems washing with it.

  8. Frugaltexan75 Says:

    Yes, I’m crocheting. So acrylic yarn is okay to use for dishcloths?

  9. rob62521 Says:

    Frugal Texan, I use acrylic yarn for dish cloths so I'd say yup! In fact, the one on my sink is leftover acrylic yarn from making a hat and it works just fine.

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