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Food Talk

January 16th, 2022 at 08:24 pm

So many of my conversations revolve around food. Even online ones, it seems.

I was very tickled today when another couple came near to us at church (we still socially distance and wear masks), but asked if either of us liked fried mush. Well, the mister and my husband went on and on singing the praises and how much they loved fried mush with syrup. I reminded them not to drool in the pews! 

Another friend that I rarely see, but so much of our emails revolve around food; we both chuckle over that. We share recipes too. 

Turning philosophical I think food is often a manifestation of love. I know if someone is ill, I try to drop off a meal. Someone did that years ago when I had surgery and it meant a lot to me. During Covid and we couldn't do anything as far as funeral dinners at church, some of us were asked to make some food and the food was dropped off to grieving families so they at least knew they were loved and thought of. For birthdays, it's a big thing to have a favorite meal and a birthday cake. I baked my own this year and I teased my husband there's something really wrong that I have to bake my own. But, it enabled me to share some cake with friends, kind of like we used to do when we were in school and brought birthday treats. It was mostly packaging it up and leaving it for people, but that is OK too. I at least could share some. 

This goes even further when we provide money or nonperishables for food pantries so others may eat. Or providing coffee, tea, bottled water, and packaged snacks for the homeless shelter. Although one isn't telling these people they are loved, hopefully they realize someone thinks enough of them to provide these items. 

Many of our holidays and celebrations revolve around food. Thanksgiving, of course, but then again Christmas and Easter. Valentine's Day is chocolates, but we like to go out for a special dinner as well as on our anniversary. 

One of the ways I demonstrate my love for my husband is fixing him meals he likes. I hit the jackpot last week when I made chicken pot pie, including the pie crust from scratch. He went on and on about it. I was pleased he liked it.

I told DH that so much of my time is spent in the kitchen because I make so many things from scratch. So, I'm letting my actions speak louder than words, perhaps. 

Considering how many people are thinking and saying negative things to each other, I feel talking about food is a safe subject.

7 Responses to “Food Talk”

  1. Wink Says:

    What is fried mush? Smile I really enjoy baking homemade goodies to give as gifts for family and friends at the holidays. Having volunteered at the food bank for a while now I can say with certainty that people in need receiving food, can feel the love with which it is given.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Wink, it is made with cornmeal and water and salt and cooked until thick, then refrigerated overnight. You slice it and fry it. I've never had it, but I think lots of people love it.

  3. Lots of Ideas Says:

    Rob I don’t Know if you are aware of Penzeys Spices - they are very liberal so may not appeal to everyone - but their ‘mottoes’ include ‘Love People. Cook them tasty food.’ And ‘Heal the World. Cook dinner tonight.’

    Your post made me think of them. They send emails with good ‘deals’ on spices and lots about the goodness that cooks bring to the world.

  4. Carol Says:

    Rob, you absolutely hit on something. I like to cook and I like to try new things I think we'd like.But, very much, my cooking is an expression of love for my husband and family.
    Another name/ method with "fried mush" is polenta. I like it as "mush" with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese.

  5. rob62521 Says:

    Lots of Ideas, I will check out Penny's Spices. Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn't heard of them.

    Carol, I didn't realize mush was polenta! I learned something new! Thanks!

  6. Frugaltexan75 Says:

    I think this is why it’s so much more enjoyable to cook FOR someone rather than to just cook for yourself. (At least, as long as the person who you cook for is appreciative. )

  7. CB in the City Says:

    My mother loved fried mush -- I remember she always ordered it when we went to Bob Evans. It's probably not on the menu anymore!

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