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Happy Memorial Day

May 30th, 2022 at 03:33 pm

It's difficult to comprehend it is already Memorial Day. 2022 seems to be flying by.

I was very worried that our peonies were going to be bloomed out before, but there were some beautiful blossoms left. My grandmother and my mother always took peonies to the cemeteries for what was then called "Decoration Day." I have tried to continue the tradition. 

We always start with DH's mom and dad. I'm going to put it out there...whomever sold that cemetery plot to his mom knew it was a crummy one. It is on the side of steep hill, under a bunch of trees, and the way it is situated, little to no grass grows there. But moss grows on the gravestones. I spent over half and hour trying to clean the headstones and I still didn't get it all. But they looked better. I then picked up the twigs and stones around the stones and cleaned up the area. I always take a flag for DH's father's grave since he was a veteran. They used to put flags out at this cemetery for veterans, but no longer do that.  I did some research and hope to find something that will clean the stones safely and hopefully inhibit some of the lichen growth. We then went to the Lutheran cemetery where much of my maternal side is buried. I cleaned the stones there, but that was an easy task, then put out the flowers. Someone puts flags on the veterans' graves at this cemetery so that was good. I also put flowers on a the grave of a church friend; she no longer has relatives alive who live here; all are in Germany. DH always comments on the Polish and German names in the cemetery and I laugh because back when the cemetery was started, most Lutherans were German and/or Polish. My father's grave is about an hour away and we didn't get there, but plan to when we go to the nearby city for something. I would hope he'd understand that the trip with gas prices would be sort of expensive with gas prices they way they are. I would hope he'd be pleased I at least remembered him, even if I didn't visit his grave on the weekend.

The week rolling up the weekend was one spent doing chores around here. I cleaned and organized the garage. DH is not the most organized person and so if he offers to put something away, I know a mystery will often be ahead of me searching for it. But, I organized things as I tidied up. There were 5 golf balls in the garage. A number of years ago the park district decided to build a fancy golf course near us (there used to be a 9 hole small one on the other side of our subdivision away from us) and every once in a while we find a golf ball in our yard. I imagine the person who was unlucky enough to hit it over here didn't want to own up that his or her shot was that off course -- our property doesn't border the golf course so it would have been quite the wild shot. Anyway, a friend from church runs a group for veterans who like to golf, even if they are handicapped, so after I finished cleaning the garage, I aired up the tires on my bike and rode over to his house and put the bag of balls on his front porch. Maybe the guys can use them and save a couple of bucks. One of the reasons I wanted to organize the garage was to not only figure out what I have as far as canned goods, but also to make room for more. I have been stocking up here and there because I worry that come this fall, either food prices are going to skyrocket even more, or we will have shortages. I'm not hoarding, I don't think, I just buy an extra can of this and that when we go to the grocer's. 

We normally eat out Friday nights as our "date" night, but we haven't the past three weeks. Besides saving money on gas, some of the places we frequent have raised their prices so much and by the time one leaves a tip, even a cheaper meal is awfully expensive. 

I washed and detailed my car and cleaned out the inside. I try to do that at least once a year. I figure it helps save money if I keep the car looking nice as well as checking for any damage. During the winter the city and county uses a lot of salt on the roads and I like to try and get underneath the car as much as possible with the hose to make sure all the salt is washed away since it makes the car rust. 

Hope you have had a lovely weekend. I intend to grill out and have already started food prep for our meal. Do you have any Memorial Day plans?

5 Responses to “Happy Memorial Day”

  1. Wink Says:

    You have been busy and very productive! I'm sure your dad understands why you couldn't get there this time, and how thoughtful of you and DH to remember your church friends grave with flowers. I went to my brother's yesterday for a cookout and am heading over to a friend's house today for another. Happy Memorial Day!

  2. Lots of ideas Says:

    Rob, I am ‘stocking up’ to prepare for food shortages and prices increases in the Fall too,
    not anything crazy, but when something is a good price, I buy a little extra.
    I figure that if there is a shortage, then I will be one less person that is buying from whatever is available then.
    And if not, I will just eat it anyway…

    When people i worked with would talk about investments, I always said ‘I’m investing in canned corn. I know the price of that will go up.’
    I still use that philosophy…

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Lots of Ideas, I like that..."I'm investing in canned corn." Good comment!

    Wink, hope your cookout was fun today as well!

  4. LuckyRobin Says:

    I don't think it is hoarding to have extra things you will use. Hoarding is having things you will never use, but bought because they were cheap or on sale. Being prepared in a time of pandemics is the smart thing to do. You will use toilet paper and you will use food as long as you are buying the foods you actually like to eat. Stocking up on cold medicines now before the fall colds start to hit is also wise. Prepping is not hoarding, despite what idiots on TV want you to think.

  5. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    sounds like an awesome weekend. I don't stock up on anything i don't use. I only stock up on what I use. So very lean. 100% with luckyrobin. I buy stuff like tissues, toilet paper, etc. I also buy stuff I know i use like ground beef, soda, chicken, etc. But random stuff? No. I still have my gallon of hand sanitizer that I am slowly going through since I bought literally a gallon from costco when it came in.

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