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Are you tempted?

October 23rd, 2022 at 05:38 pm

Although there are tons of stories coming across email and such about the state of the eocnomy and inflation and...I just wonder, am I getting used to this? I mean, I was tempted to order something that was a luxury, not a need, from Amazon the other day. I didn't order it, but I really wanted to. 

Then I thought back on what I do about every day -- figuring ways to make do with what I have and stock piling stuff. We bought a whole chicken at Aldi when we grocery shopped. It will make more than 3 meals, plus I have the broth. I canned 2 quarts of the broth for the pantry. 

I almost hate to admit it, but my heart rate went up a little bit when the postal van stopped in front of our house this afternoon and the carrier got out with some boxes. Then I realized, I hadn't ordered anything. I met her at the door and she looked at me, the house number and then her computer. I told her I bet she had the wrong house and she asked if it was a certain number. Wrong number and wrong street. I really felt like Winthrop in "The Music Man" when he sings about the Wells Fargo man when I first saw her. Glad I could get to her before she left the stuff. Someone would have been disappointed. 

Although I would love to buy some new things, I honestly don't need anything new. So, I'm struggling. I mean, we are OK so far, financially, but I don't want to look back and say I wished I hadn't spent money. So, I know I am just being tempted and I need to resist. 

Are you finding the new prices the new normal, or are you still struggling to come to grips with it?

4 Responses to “Are you tempted?”

  1. Lots of ideas Says:

    I am adjusting to the new prices although I still have a price in my head that I think is a ‘good price.’ It’s just higher than it used to be.

    I have added a store to my regular rotation that has better prices on three things I buy every other week - eggs, cream cheese, and English muffins. Strangely, the best price for me is at Whole Foods! I look at the price of eggs wherever I shop in case there is a sale, but consistently, Whole Foods wins out!

    I don’t buy much besides food and household items.

  2. Wink Says:

    I do get tempted sometimes to buy things that I want, but don't necessarily need. I resist that impulse because I have to! I've heard a few financial "talking heads" say that once prices go up due to inflation, they don't always come back down when inflation decreases. Prices just stop increasing. I'm just planning on prices staying high for the foreseeable future and staying vigilant with my budget.

  3. livingalmostlarge Says:

    Actually no. Maybe it's ebcause I'm in the midst of spending so much on the kids!

  4. Happy Wheels Says:

    I occasionally find myself enticed to purchase something I want but may not actually need. Simply put, price increases ceased. All I intend to do is maintain high prices and a tight budget for the foreseeable future.

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