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Grocery Shopping

January 14th, 2024 at 08:39 pm

Funny how things change. 

I never used to mind grocery shopping. Now I dread it.

It isn't the shopping per se, it is the check out that unnerves me. It seems like each week the cost goes up a little more. I know the experts claim inflation isn't as bad, but I know my grocery bills have risen. I'm not buying anything different. In fact, I'm trying to cut back. For example, I'm trying to use less meat. Kroger had a buy one, get one free as far as chicken this past week. The package had three chicken breasts. So instead of having one meal and a little left over, we are having two meals out of one package. And I put the second package in the freezer for another time.

I ran across this article and wondered how she could spent $124 a month on groceries. Granted, she's single, but there are a lot of things that factor into saving so much. I never worked any place that gave free meals. Up until my last school, I never worked at a school that provided coffee. You brought your own coffee from home or did without. And the only reason the last school had coffee was because the principal bought it. 

Anyway, here's the url for the article if you care to read it:

So, how about you? Are you dreading the grocery store?

3 Responses to “Grocery Shopping”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    I spend less than this lady, on a regular basis. What I did was set a limit on what I would spend instead of getting what I thought I needed. I learned a lot about what I thought I needed! Sometimes I didn't get everything on my list, but I always had something to eat. Good meals, too.

    Since there are two of you, $200 a month would be a reasonable goal, if your husband is on board. I know you are a good cook and a master canner and gardener, so I think you could do it!

  2. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    DH gets free meals every day for lunch. It makes a huge difference. Also a big difference was the free lunches the kids had during the pandemic. It's $4.25 a meal for a kid for lunch. One major reason I pack the kids lunches. But sometimes it's too off the rails and I can't. My DK1 also hates buying lunch because she's in the B lunch (second period), in portables and all the hot meals are gones by the time she's in line for lunch, having second period outside and running in. To not waste food they have a limited number of hot meals a day for students. So being last in means she gets cold stuff and she doesn't like cold food if possible. So she prefers I make her lunch in a thermos.

    My younger DK2 doesn't like buying lunch because she's a slow eater. 30 mintues isn't enough for her to buy lunch by standing in line and eat in. It's really hard and she sometimes doesn't finish so she prefers I pack as well.

    So my days consist of making lunches in the morning for kids and it saves me about $10 a day.

  3. patientsaver Says:

    I'm a household of one, and it's not at all unusual for me to spend $400-$500 a month on groceries. It's crazy. I do watch prices and make a special trip to certain stores to get a better price, but at the same time, I don't hesitate to get what I want. I never buy meat or poultry but do buy pricier stuff like nuts and organic items.

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